Need a Tree Removed? 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Tree Service


When homeowners plant trees when they are small, they don't really thinking about how large their trees can get or where they will eventually grow. If you have a tree that has started growing somewhere you don't want it to grow, you may want to remove it. Removing a tree on your own can be tricky and maybe shouldn't be done on your own. Read on for reasons why you need to hire a professional tree removal company instead of a DIY removal.

31 July 2020

4 Top Reasons To Have Automatic Sprinklers Installed In Your Garden Beds


Landscaping has come a long way in recent years. Between the innovative ground coverings that keep weeds from popping up and the unique flower species that survive without as much sun, you can create garden beds that truly please the eye. But there is one element that deserves a little more focus, and that is how your garden beds get the water they need. You could stand out there with a hose for a half hour a day, but a far preferable option is to have automatic sprinklers installed.

27 July 2020

Five Ways Pruning Improves Your Landscape Trees


A properly pruned tree is a healthier and better-looking tree, yet many people only prune their trees every few years. Instead, consider pruning your landscape trees annually. The following are just five of the benefits that can be gained by regular pruning. 1. Prevents Splitting An issue with young trees is that they can produce multiple trunks if they aren't pruned properly during the first few years after planting. Trees with two or more trunks are more likely to become unattractive and shrubby, and they are more likely to split apart beneath their own weight.

16 July 2020

Landscape Maintenance Tasks For A Dry Spell


Rainy days can be annoying, until suddenly you don't have one for a while — and your landscaping starts to suffer. Plants shrivel up, and some might even die. Flowers stop blooming, and your lawn starts looking more like a dust bowl than a green space. Obviously, the right move during a time like this is to water your plants. But there are a few other landscaping maintenance tasks you can also tackle at this time in order to help the plants along.

10 July 2020

Should You Remove That Tree? Five Factors To Consider


Deciding to remove a tree from your yard is not always an easy decision. The following are five factors that can help you decide whether removal is necessary. 1. Proximity to the Home One of the most important factors for determining whether a tree should be removed is its proximity to your home. A tree falling in the yard is an inconvenience, but the same tree landing on your home can be devastating.

25 June 2020

If Your Tree Is Growing Mushrooms, You Should Have It Removed


At first, you may find it amusing that there are mushrooms growing out the side of your tree. It definitely looks interesting and may remind you of a mythical forest. However, these mushrooms are not a good sign — at least for your tree. They are technically called brackets, and they are a fungal growth — from fungus that is growing in and on your tree. If you're seeing mushrooms or brackets on a tree, that's actually a sign you need to have the tree removed.

11 June 2020

Want To Expand Your Driveway? 4 Reasons To Consider Tree Removal


When you decide that you are going to live in your house for a long time, you may want to start making changes or improvements to meet your family's growing wants and needs. A great example is wanting more driveway space so that you can fit your household's vehicles more comfortably and also make it easier to give family and friends a place to park on your property. While looking at driveway expansion options, you may notice a tree or two nearby that may cause issues.

28 May 2020

Three Tips For Maintaining Tall Trees


A tall tree can be difficult for a homeowner to maintain on their own. The following tips can help you provide some basic care as well as provide guidance on working with professionals. 1: Invest in a pole pruner It's never a safe idea to attempt extensive pruning of tall trees on your own. Not only is climbing into the tree or pruning from the top of a ladder dangerous for you, the chances of harming the tree are also greater if you try to prune without the knowledge or correct tools to do so.

18 May 2020

3 Huge Reasons Why You Should Not Trim Your Own Trees


Do you have a tree that's looking a bit lopsided? Are you ready to go out there and start hacking away at it until it looks better? While this might seem like a relatively easy and straightforward process, the reality is actually much different. You really should hire someone knowledgable to take care of the issue for you. While you might be trying to save money by doing it yourself, there are a number of good reasons why you should leave this kind of work to a professional.

13 May 2020

3 Essential Tips For Growing Healthier Trees


Now that you're spending more time at home, have you realized that one or more of your trees are starting to look a bit iffy? Are you wondering if there's anything you can do about this besides having them cut down? Although having trees cut down can certainly be a solution to some problems you might encounter, it's definitely not going to be the only or even the best solution for the problem at hand.

8 April 2020