Factors That Can Make a Stump Easier or Harder to Get Rid Of


For a professional stump grinder, you'd have a hard job finding a stump they couldn't grind. However, some stumps are easier to grind than others, which can make the process faster and ultimately more affordable. Here are some of the factors that can affect whether a stump is easy and fast to grind or whether it may take a bit longer to get rid of. Size of the Stump All other things being equal, a stump grinder will eat through a stump at a relatively steady rate, meaning that the larger the stump, the longer the grinding process itself will take.

17 December 2020

Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Your Tree?


A tree can hang on for years in spite of subtle signs of illness, such as spotted leaves and small cankers in the trunk. However, it is important that you are able to recognize when a tree is unlikely to hang on much longer. If you notice these signs, it's time to say goodbye and have the tree removed. Large Sections of Peeling Bark If you see an area where the bark is peeling, look a little closer.

7 December 2020

Preparing For Tree Removal After Uprooting Has Begun To Threaten Your Home


Uprooting can be a serious problem with trees that have been weakened by the weather during autumn and winter storms. When the trees are too close to your home, they are going to have to be removed. Before removing the tree, you are going to need to prepare your property. The following preparations need to be done to prepare for the removal of uprooted trees near your home: Evaluate the Uprooted Trees Threatening Your Home

20 November 2020

3 Ways To Have Your Trees Serviced Without Disturbing Any Wildlife


Taking care of the landscaping on your property should include necessary maintenance for your trees over the years. From some of the tree branches sagging due to the weight to the trees being shaped poorly, you may be curious about scheduling tree services soon. If you have any wildlife that spends time in your trees and you want to keep them around, consider the following tips for making sure tree services are done.

3 November 2020

Just Moved Into A House? 3 Reasons To Get Tree Removal Right Away


After buying a home and moving in, you may know that it will take a while to get settled in completely. This is an excellent time to look around the property to determine whether you should take on projects that can make it easier to settle in and enjoy living there with your family. While looking at the landscape, you may notice one or two problematic trees. Understanding some of the smartest reasons to utilize tree removal service will help you make the right call.

20 October 2020

Control Landscape Mosquitoes With The PEM Method


PEM stands for prevent, eradicate, and maintain. By using this method, you don't just get rid of the mosquitoes that are bothering you now, you also ensure that the pests won't come back. Prevent Mosquitoes require still air, warm temperatures, and standing water in order to breed and invade. Although you have little control over the temperature, you can control the air currents and the water issues to some extent.

29 September 2020

4 Tips For Cutting Down A Large Tree


Have a large tree on your property that you need to cut down, and you think you can do it on your own? Here are some tips to follow to ensure you cut down the tree properly.  Assess The Area For Hazards The very first thing you'll want to do is assess that area for hazards. Are there power lines nearby that the tree could fall on? Are there tree branches that could come loose while the tree is falling?

21 September 2020

How Tree Trimming Services Help Your Fruit Tree Harvest


If you have planted fruit trees in your yard and want to eat fresh produce, like apples, or peaches, you may want to invest in some tree trimming services in your area. Your trees need good care if you want yield tasty, ripe fruit. Read on to learn why tree trimming is important to yield tasty produce. Why is Tree Trimming Important for Fruit Trees? If you don't trim or prune your fruit trees, or have a professional do it for you, then the fruit can actually weigh down and damage branches—especially if it is producing more fruit than you can manage.

11 September 2020

Cutting Down A Tree? You Better Remove The Stump


If you are having a tree cut down in your yard there will be a stump left behind. You have the option of keeping the stump or you can ask stump grinding services company to grind the stump down for you. There are many reasons why stump grinding is the better option. You will also find information below about what you can do to get the area back to normal again.

26 August 2020

Four Risks Of Large Trees


Large trees add value to your property, but they can also pose a big risk. The larger the tree, the more of a risk it can pose. The following are the five most common risks for properties with large trees. 1. Foundation Damage Large trees typically have extensive root systems. These roots can force apart small cracks in foundations, causing water leaks and structural damage. The roots can also grow beneath a foundation and then push upward, causing the foundation to shift and damage the home.

14 August 2020