Five Ways Pruning Improves Your Landscape Trees


A properly pruned tree is a healthier and better-looking tree, yet many people only prune their trees every few years. Instead, consider pruning your landscape trees annually. The following are just five of the benefits that can be gained by regular pruning.

1. Prevents Splitting

An issue with young trees is that they can produce multiple trunks if they aren't pruned properly during the first few years after planting. Trees with two or more trunks are more likely to become unattractive and shrubby, and they are more likely to split apart beneath their own weight. Pruning the trees so that they only have one central leader ensures that they develop a single upright trunk and healthy growth pattern.

2. Increases Productiveness

A well-pruned tree produces plenty of healthy foliage, which makes the tree appear more full and lush. If you have edible fruit–producing trees in your yard or trees that you enjoy for their spring blossoms, pruning can help your trees produce more fruit or flowers. Flowering and fruiting trees are typically pruned right after flowering or fruiting to ensure they are productive next year.

3. Decreases Disease Pressure

Diseases and pests often invade trees that are poorly pruned. A dense canopy allows in very little sunlight and prevents proper air circulation. These conditions make it more likely for certain diseases, particularly fungal and bacterial pathogens, to spread and reproduce. Insects can also travel more readily in a dense canopy. Thinning out the branches solves the problem.

4. Removes Hazards

Dead branches in a tree can be a dangerous hazard. These branches will eventually fall, and they could cause harm to structures or people that are below. The branch can also break and damage nearby healthy branches. Further, certain pests will move into a tree through the dead branches first. It's best to remove deadwood promptly so you won't have the hazard. Living branches, particularly those that scrape against roofs, can also be a hazard that requires removal.

5. Improves Form

A properly pruned tree just looks nicer. With pruning, you end up with a nice, rounded canopy and a symmetrical tree. For conifers, good form may mean pruning to a more natural pyramidal shape. Pruning from a young age can also help control the size of the canopy so that the tree doesn't grow too large for its space.

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16 July 2020

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