If Your Tree Is Growing Mushrooms, You Should Have It Removed


At first, you may find it amusing that there are mushrooms growing out the side of your tree. It definitely looks interesting and may remind you of a mythical forest. However, these mushrooms are not a good sign — at least for your tree. They are technically called brackets, and they are a fungal growth — from fungus that is growing in and on your tree. If you're seeing mushrooms or brackets on a tree, that's actually a sign you need to have the tree removed. Keep reading for a more in-depth look at this situation.

What are brackets?

Brackets are the fruiting bodies, or in other words, the reproductive organs, of certain species of infectious fungi. There are many different species of fungi that can invade a tree and cause brackets to grow, but arborists usually just divide these conditions into two classes: root rot and butt rot. If the brackets are appearing on the tree's exposed roots, the tree will be said to have root rot. If the brackets are appearing on the lower trunk, the tree has butt rot. 

What should you do about a tree with brackets?

The best thing to do with a tree that has brackets is have that tree removed. This is because by the time the brackets form, the infection is really bad. The fungi that cause brackets to form invade the vascular tissues of the tree, which are the tissues that carry water up from the roots to the trunk and to the leaves. As the fungi break down and feed on these vascular tissues, the tree becomes unable to provide its tissues with water and nutrients. If the leaves are not already starting to turn yellow, they will soon. There's nothing that can be done to treat the fungal disease at this stage, so you're best off having the tree removed before it falls down or passes its sickness on to a neighboring tree.

How do you go about removing the tree?

Your best bet is to call a pro and let them handle it. Trees with fungal infections can be really brittle and weak in unexpected areas, making it tough to tell where the tree will fall. Plus, a tree removal company will know how and where to dispose of the infected wood in a way that won't increase the risk of infection for other trees.

Brackets may look cool when they begin growing out of a tree, but they're actually very bad news for the tree. Have such trees removed; they are already on their way out without any chance for recovery.

To learn more, contact a tree removal company.


11 June 2020

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