3 Huge Reasons Why You Should Not Trim Your Own Trees


Do you have a tree that's looking a bit lopsided? Are you ready to go out there and start hacking away at it until it looks better? While this might seem like a relatively easy and straightforward process, the reality is actually much different. You really should hire someone knowledgable to take care of the issue for you. While you might be trying to save money by doing it yourself, there are a number of good reasons why you should leave this kind of work to a professional. Some of the things that could go wrong include the following.

Introduction of disease or pests: With humans and animals, a small wound has the potential to become seriously infected if you don't treat it properly. The same sort of thing can happen with tree trimming. Any break in a tree's bark has the potential to allow various insect pests and/or infectious agents to take hold in a tree. If not caught in time, these things have the potential to kill a tree in a relatively short amount of time. An experienced professional will know how to minimize this risk, and they will be able to prune or trim the tree so that the tree itself is able to remain safe and healthy.

Incorrect timing: For various reasons, some trees should only be pruned or trimmed during certain parts of the year. Depending on the tree, the consequences of trimming during the wrong time of year could result in anything as minimal as getting copious amounts of tree sap all over everything to potentially killing off the entire tree. A tree trimming professional has been trained in regards to what trees should be trimmed or ignored during what parts of the year. Because of this, they may sometimes advise you to wait until later in the year to trim a particular tree.

Personal injury: Dismantling trees, whether just doing tree trimming or a full tree removal, is something that involves both very sharp things and very heavy things. Combining these is something that results in an extremely dangerous task. This is especially true if you're not a professional who has been trained to deal with these particular things. Since you almost certainly want to avoid a trip to the emergency room, it's a good idea to leave the trimming and pruning to a professional who will be able to do it without causing injury.

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13 May 2020

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