4 Top Reasons To Have Automatic Sprinklers Installed In Your Garden Beds


Landscaping has come a long way in recent years. Between the innovative ground coverings that keep weeds from popping up and the unique flower species that survive without as much sun, you can create garden beds that truly please the eye. But there is one element that deserves a little more focus, and that is how your garden beds get the water they need. You could stand out there with a hose for a half hour a day, but a far preferable option is to have automatic sprinklers installed. Take a look at a few top benefits of these systems.

1. You save time.

Add up all the time you spend physically watering your garden beds. Even if you only spend a half hour a day, that's more than 150 hours a year. Think of all the other things you could accomplish in that time! With an automatic sprinkler system, you could have more time to spend with your kids, enjoy a hobby, or even study for a new career.

2. You can water the plants at the best times of day.

The best times to water plants are early in the morning before the sun really comes up, and later at night when the sun has set. It's hard to time these watering cycles properly if you're busy preparing for the workday or if you get home late. However, if you have an automatic sprinkler system, you can set it to kick on automatically at these times so the plants are always being treated the best.

3. Your yard will stay looking tidy.

Automatic sprinklers usually have small heads that are easily camouflaged between plants or are barely noticeable. This certainly looks a lot nicer than having a garden hose stretched out across your lawn. You don't have to remember to roll the hose up every night, either.

4. Your plants will get watered while you're away.

Finding someone to water your plants while you're out of town isn't easy. Plus, you typically have to pay someone to do this! When you have an automatic sprinkler system, your plants will get the water they need whether you're home or not. You can go out of town at a moment's notice and not come home to shriveled flowers.

Talk to a landscaping company such as Noble Tree Service Inc. to learn more about automatic sprinkler systems and their benefits. They can give you an estimate, too.


27 July 2020

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