Three Tips For Maintaining Tall Trees


A tall tree can be difficult for a homeowner to maintain on their own. The following tips can help you provide some basic care as well as provide guidance on working with professionals.

1: Invest in a pole pruner

It's never a safe idea to attempt extensive pruning of tall trees on your own. Not only is climbing into the tree or pruning from the top of a ladder dangerous for you, the chances of harming the tree are also greater if you try to prune without the knowledge or correct tools to do so. It is a good idea to have a pole pruner and the skills to use it, though. Occasionally a dead or damaged branch high up in the tree canopy can pose an immediate risk to property or those beneath, so it needs to be removed promptly. A pole pruner has a cutting saw on the end of the pole, which you operate with a cord. The pole allows you to cut high above while you remain safely on the ground. Just make sure that you are wearing head protection and be alert as the branch comes down so you can avoid injury.

2: Monitor Safety Issues

It can be easy to forget about the heavy branches swaying above you when you have a tall tree. Spend time every spring, before the tree  leafs out, looking into the canopy for potential safety issues. Weak, damaged, or dead branches are more likely to come crashing down in the next wind storm, for example. Crossed branches can also be a safety issues, since they can rub together until one of the branches weakens to the point of breaking. Other issues to watch for include branches growing into power lines, branches scraping against the house, and lopsided canopies that are heavier on one side compared to the other. If you spot these issues, your tree may require a professional trim.

3: Schedule professional trims

Large trees benefit from annual late winter pruning, but you may be able to delay pruning to every other year if the tree is healthy and in good form. Pruning before you have canopy problems is the best way to keep a tall tree healthy. Verify that the tree service will not be using spurs to climb into the tree. Spurs can damage bark and provide access to disease pathogens and pests, so they should only be used on dying trees that are being removed. Instead, choose a service that uses harnesses, cherry pickers, and lifts to get workers to the site that needs trimming.

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18 May 2020

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