Control Landscape Mosquitoes With The PEM Method


PEM stands for prevent, eradicate, and maintain. By using this method, you don't just get rid of the mosquitoes that are bothering you now, you also ensure that the pests won't come back.


Mosquitoes require still air, warm temperatures, and standing water in order to breed and invade. Although you have little control over the temperature, you can control the air currents and the water issues to some extent.

Installing patio fans around seating areas, for example, can provide air movement on still evenings. Since mosquitoes are weak fliers, it doesn't take too much of a breeze to push them out of the area so they won't bother you when you are relaxing outdoors.

Standing water is an even bigger issue. If you have a mosquito problem then that means they are breeding nearby, and mosquitoes need standing water in order to breed. Empty out buckets, yard toys, and anything else that collects standing water in your landscaping. If you have water features or birdbaths, install pumps or fountains to circulate the water so that the mosquitoes can't use it to breed.


Spraying your yard and trees is an effective method to eradicate the already present mosquitoes once you have your prevention methods in place. This is best done by a professional so you can ensure the job is done thoroughly and effectively.

A mosquito removal service will use a mosquito-killing insecticide. It's usually placed in a motorized backpack sprayer that puts out a forceful mist of the pesticide. The exterminator will treat the areas where mosquitoes tend to congregate and hide—in tall grass, lush garden beds, and in the lower foliage of your landscape trees and shrubs. Mosquitoes tend to rest on the underside of leaves and foliage during midday, so this is the best time to spray.


Once the mosquitoes are gone it's time to maintain. If you have eradicated those already on your property and are using prevention methods to keep a new population from rising, then most of your mosquito issues will likely be around the perimeter of your property—such as on walkways or near fence lines.

A mosquito misting system installed in these areas will kill any mosquitoes that try to cross these thresholds onto your property. The mist will be delivered daily from spray nozzles placed high. There will be a short burst of spray at dawn and again at dusk, as these are the times when mosquitoes are active and most likely to cross onto your property.

Contact a mosquito service if you have more questions.


29 September 2020

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