How Tree Trimming Services Help Your Fruit Tree Harvest


If you have planted fruit trees in your yard and want to eat fresh produce, like apples, or peaches, you may want to invest in some tree trimming services in your area. Your trees need good care if you want yield tasty, ripe fruit. Read on to learn why tree trimming is important to yield tasty produce.

Why is Tree Trimming Important for Fruit Trees?

If you don't trim or prune your fruit trees, or have a professional do it for you, then the fruit can actually weigh down and damage branches—especially if it is producing more fruit than you can manage. Some trees, like citrus or figs naturally drop fruit to thin the crop, but other species need manual care so you will need to thin stems with overabundant fruit buds.

Having a tree trimming service shape your fruit tree is beneficial to its health and makes it easier to pick fruit in the future since branches will grow in an ideal shape. If trees aren't trimmed, then air flow is limited, and it's hard for the plant to get adequate sunlight and moisture. Overgrown branches make it easier for your tree to develop mildew and disease. Weak or diseased trees will yield little to no fruit; and if you do get fruit, it may not taste good.

How Can a Service Help Your Fruit Trees?

There are certain times each season when it's ideal to prune, thin, and trim your trees. If you do it too soon, then you may accidentally thin your crop too much. For instance, peach trees and other stone fruits cannot be pruned too early in the season since that can damage their pits and hinder their growth. However, if you wait too late in a season to prune a tree, then you may have too much fruit on your hands. And if you aren't able to pick off a lot of the fruit, your tree will expend all its energy trying to ripen each one; as you can imagine, this can stress the plant out. In short, a tree trimming service is beneficial because they can help you time your maintenance tasks for different fruit trees according to the season.

A tree trimming service is beneficial because they can also prune your trees according to the weather in your area. For instance, do you tend to end up with a lot of unripe fruit despite your best efforts? You may be doing everything correctly, but a lot of unripe fruit can be due to colder-than-normal temperatures for the season. To mitigate this response, a tree trimming service can trim your tree's roots and do some aggressive trimming in the tree crown. It may seem counter-intuitive to trim back a tree that you want to see grow fruit, but trimming puts the tree into survival mode and encourages it to produce more seeds and speed up its ripening process.

Reach out to a service in your area for more details.


11 September 2020

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