Preparing For Tree Removal After Uprooting Has Begun To Threaten Your Home


Uprooting can be a serious problem with trees that have been weakened by the weather during autumn and winter storms. When the trees are too close to your home, they are going to have to be removed. Before removing the tree, you are going to need to prepare your property. The following preparations need to be done to prepare for the removal of uprooted trees near your home:

Evaluate the Uprooted Trees Threatening Your Home

The first thing that you need to do is to evaluate the uprooted trees. You want to look for signs of immediate hazards that may require emergency tree care. Some of the issues that you will want to look for when evaluating uprooted trees include:

  • Visible root balls and trees leaning in one direction
  • Damage to the trunk or branches of the uprooted tree
  • Movements during light wind due to the weakened rootball

You want to make sure that the tree is not about to fall and tape off dangerous areas.

Remove Any Personal Property That Is at Risk

There may be personal property that you want to make sure is protected. This can be the property that is inside or outside of your home. Somethings that you will want to do to protect your personal property in case the tree falls include:

  • Board up windows and doors to reduce damage if the tree falls
  • Move furnishings out of interior areas that are in danger
  • Remove landscaping decoration and outdoor furniture that is in danger

Tape Off Areas Near the Uprooted Tree

The area that is a hazardous zone needs to be taped off to ensure it is safe. Use caution tape or whatever you have available to block the areas that the tree is threatening. This area of caution should include the tree and the distance that it would fall in any direction. Once the area is marked, you will be ready to prepare your property for the work that needs to be done.

Preparing Your Property for the Tree Removal Equipment

The tree service is going to need access to the area where the uprooted trees need to be removed. You will want to make sure that equipment like skid steers can get through gates and have access to the area. You will also want to store any landscaping and garden equipment out of the way.

These are the preparations that need to be done to prepare for the removal of uprooted trees. Call a tree service if there are trees that threaten your property and need urgent removal, or for more information about tree removal.


20 November 2020

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