Factors That Can Make a Stump Easier or Harder to Get Rid Of


For a professional stump grinder, you'd have a hard job finding a stump they couldn't grind. However, some stumps are easier to grind than others, which can make the process faster and ultimately more affordable. Here are some of the factors that can affect whether a stump is easy and fast to grind or whether it may take a bit longer to get rid of.

Size of the Stump

All other things being equal, a stump grinder will eat through a stump at a relatively steady rate, meaning that the larger the stump, the longer the grinding process itself will take. So while you can expect a small stump to be a relatively quick job, a larger stump three times its size is likely to take considerably longer.

Type of Tree

Different types of trees have different types of wood. Some trees, such as pines and aspen trees, have what's known as softwood. As you'd expect, this is typically a type of wood that's more malleable and less tightly grained than a hardwood. A hardwood tree (such as an oak) will have extremely dense, solid wood. A tree stump that's extremely hard and dense (like some of the harder hardwoods) may add a bit of time to a grinding job because the grinder has to work harder to get through the wood. On the other end of the spectrum, though, pine trees can also give trouble. That's because their wood can be fibrous and come apart in strips rather than neat chips. So if your tree's wood isn't highly fibrous or rock-hard, your tree stump is likely to be a bit easier and therefore speedier to grind.

Location and Accessibility

If your stump is right next to the driveway, getting to the stump and setting up the grinding equipment may be much easier than if your stump is halfway up a wooded hill behind your house. An easy-to-access stump may cut down slightly on the total time spent, due to the easier setup process. Some companies, like Tree Landers, know that if you're also paying for cleanup at the end of the grinding process, this may be affected by location and accessibility as well. After all, hauling away the wood chips means getting them back to the vehicle first.

As you can see, not every stump will require the exact same amount of time and effort to grind. Instead, different stump grinding jobs may vary considerably based on things like the size, type, and age of the stump. When you call a contractor for an estimate, be sure to tell them these important facts about your stump for the most accurate estimate possible.


17 December 2020

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