Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Your Tree?


A tree can hang on for years in spite of subtle signs of illness, such as spotted leaves and small cankers in the trunk. However, it is important that you are able to recognize when a tree is unlikely to hang on much longer. If you notice these signs, it's time to say goodbye and have the tree removed.

Large Sections of Peeling Bark

If you see an area where the bark is peeling, look a little closer. Is there a huge section of loose and peeling bark? When you remove the bark, do you see rotten, discolored wood? This is a sign of a serious fungal infection that has moved into the tree's actual inner wood. The tree won't live much longer, so you might as well have it removed.

D-Shaped Holes in the Bark

You will only ever see these on ash trees, but when you do, it's a sign you need to have the ash tree removed. D-shaped holes are left by emerald ash borers, a species of green beetle that invades and kills ash trees. The tree will likely be dead within a year or two.

Large Cankers on the Trunk and Branches

Cankers are basically sores on the tree. They look like little cavities; sometimes they are black in the middle. A few small cankers may indicate a milder fungal infection that the tree can fight off — perhaps with some help from a tree care company — but large cankers that are inches deep and take up a big portion of the branch or trunk are another matter. These can indicate a serious disease like black canker, and trees don't typically come back at this stage.

Multiple Dead Limbs

If the tree has multiple dead limbs or branches, then you can bet it has either a serious fungal infection or an infestation of some sort of bugs. In any case, the other limbs will probably die soon, too, so there's no point in waiting to remove the tree.

Fungal Bodies at the Base of the Trunk

If you see what looks like big mushrooms growing out of the base of the tree, your tree has a really serious fungal infection that is probably affecting its stability. The wood near the base of the tree is likely beginning to rot, so the tree could fall over at any point. Remove it before this happens!

Trees can come back from mild illnesses, but when the symptoms get serious, you have to get serious. Call a tree company, and have that tree removed before the consequences grow too grim.

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7 December 2020

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