What To Do With Tree Stumps After A Tree Removal Is Conducted


If you have decided to hire a tree service to come to your property to rid it of unwanted trees, you may wonder what to do with the stumps that are left behind. You have several options to consider so your property looks favorable to those who view it. Here are some actions that can be taken to eliminate or revamp tree stumps. Find Out If The Tree Service Has A Grinder

18 August 2023

Questions New Homeowners Have About Tree Trimming


Being a new homeowner is so exciting. You get to decorate your home however you wish, customize the landscaping, and make plans for the future. However, you also need to learn to care for the home and all of the elements that come with it — including the trees. The primary care that trees require is periodic trimming or pruning. Here are some questions new homeowners often have about that.

26 July 2023

4 Common Challenges When Removing Conifer Trees


Not all trees are the same when it comes to removing them. Conifer trees—like pines, spruce, and fir—can pose specific challenges that necessitate professional removal.  1. Bulk Issues Many conifers grow in wide, pyramidal forms that can make them a challenge to remove from an urban or suburban lot. If allowed to simply fall, a large clearance zone is necessary to the bulk of the tree's branches don't damage any surrounding structures or block off roads.

10 July 2023

4 Steps To Take Immediately If A Tree Falls On Your Power Lines


High winds, big storms, or ice buildup can all cause a tree or large branch to fall into the power lines that feed into your home. Knowing what to do can minimize damages and prevent injury. 1. Shut Off the Breaker Shutting off the electricity to your house at the main breaker or fuse box can prevent a power surge from damaging appliances and electronics when the power comes back on.

19 June 2023

Unwanted Tree Haul-Away: Breaking Down Tree Waste


Trees play an essential role in our ecosystems, but there are instances where we must cut them down. It could be due to disease, damage from a storm, or simply to clear a piece of land. Regardless of the reason, this process often leaves us with a significant amount of tree waste that needs proper disposal. Here are some practical and eco-friendly ways to break down tree waste.  Breaking Down Tree Waste

30 May 2023

Three Situations That Warrant Emergency Tree Service


A tree service company isn't what most people think of when 24-hour emergency services come to mind, but there are a few situations when having an on-call tree company is a necessity. Some tree hazards simply can't wait until normal business hours due to safety risks.    1. Utility Line Entanglements  Overhead utility lines are especially dangerous if a tree or tree branch falls into them. This includes the main lines that run through your neighborhood as well as the individual lines that connect your home to the main grid.

11 May 2023

Is A Dying Tree An Urgent Problem?


Healthy and well-maintained trees can add beauty to any yard, but dead or dying trees can quickly become ugly eyesores. Unfortunately, an unhealthy tree is more than just an aesthetic problem. A dead tree, or even one suffering from severe health issues, can become hazardous to your property or even threaten your safety. While you should plan to remove any tree that appears dead or dying, some trees can pose a more urgent threat.

18 April 2023

Tree Services To Keep Your Trees At Their Best


If you have trees on your property, it is your responsibility to have them routinely evaluated by a tree service company. Tree evaluations and maintenance are not only about aesthetics and enjoyment of the trees on your property, but they're also a way to reduce the instance of injury to you or those around you.  Pruning Having the trees on your property pruned regularly serves many functions. The most important aspect is safety.

29 March 2023

Tree Takedown: Key Reasons It May Be Time To Say Goodbye To A Tree


Trees are an important part of any landscape and provide beauty and definition to a landscape design, as well as shade and shelter for wildlife. However, sometimes situations arise that make it necessary to remove a tree for safety or aesthetic reasons. Hiring a professional tree removal service is vital for safety and to protect your home and other outdoor elements from damage. The tree is dying Some dead trees are easy to spot, and others show only subtle signs of decay.

7 March 2023

Considerations To Make Before Removing A Tree


Sometimes a tree causes more problems than it is worth. When this is the case, you are usually best off having the tree removed. A tree removal company will do most of the work, but you will still need to do a little prep and planning. Here are some key things to consider when you're planning to have a tree removed. Decide whether you want to keep the wood. Do you have a use for the wood from your tree?

10 February 2023