What To Do With Tree Stumps After A Tree Removal Is Conducted


If you have decided to hire a tree service to come to your property to rid it of unwanted trees, you may wonder what to do with the stumps that are left behind. You have several options to consider so your property looks favorable to those who view it. Here are some actions that can be taken to eliminate or revamp tree stumps.

Find Out If The Tree Service Has A Grinder

Some tree services offer stump removal in addition to the felling of trees. Call around to inquire about this feature if you are positive you want stumps eliminated from your property. The tree service will bring along a big piece of equipment that pulverizes stumps in the location where they stand. The stump can then be scooped from the ground in its entirety with the use of the same piece of equipment. The tree service will leave the stump for you to use as mulching material or will recommend removal services if you do not wish for it to remain on your property.

Use Methods On Your Own To Alter The Stump

If your tree service does not have a stump grinder on hand, you may be able to remove stumps on your own using other methods. One way to accomplish the removal of a stump is with the addition of a flammable chemical agent applied directly to the wood. This can be acquired from a tree service or the landscaping department in a home improvement store. Drill a hole in the top of a stump and pour the chemical inside the void. Allow it to remain in place for several days so it spreads throughout the stump. It can then be set on fire to break down the stump. Other chemical agents for stump removal work similarly but do not need to be set on fire. They disintegrate the stump from the inside out, allowing you to scoop up the remnants afterward.

Dress Up The Stump To Improve Your Property's Appearance

Instead of having a stump completely removed by a tree service or yourself, consider keeping it on your property but dressing it up to fit into your landscape design. Sand down the top portion of the stump and paint it to resemble a checkerboard and use colored stones for gameplay. Another idea is to cut out a hole in the top of the stump and fill it in with dirt and add some festive flowers.

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18 August 2023

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