Three Situations That Warrant Emergency Tree Service


A tree service company isn't what most people think of when 24-hour emergency services come to mind, but there are a few situations when having an on-call tree company is a necessity. Some tree hazards simply can't wait until normal business hours due to safety risks.   

1. Utility Line Entanglements 

Overhead utility lines are especially dangerous if a tree or tree branch falls into them. This includes the main lines that run through your neighborhood as well as the individual lines that connect your home to the main grid. A tree entanglement with a line carries the risk of fire as well as electrocution hazards to anyone nearby.

First and foremost, stay in your home if a power line is down, especially if it is sparking. Notify the utility company first, followed by emergency services — especially if the tree is on fire. The utility company may take care of the tree if it is entangled in a mainline, but you may need to arrange for removal if the tree is on your private line. Call an emergency tree service so they can cut down the tree or free the branch that is causing the problem. 

2. Structural Damage Concerns

Major damage can occur if a tree or large branch falls on your home. There are immediate problems caused by the roof puncture, namely leaks, as well as issues with the structural integrity of the building. It's best to leave the house, especially if there are odd noises coming from the structure, as the weight of the tree combined with the damage can lead to a roof collapse. 

The tree or branch must be removed carefully to prevent further damage from occurring. Calling in a 24-hour tree service is a must so that they can get the tree off the building so the roof can be tarped temporarily. The sooner the tree is removed and the roof patched, the less extensive the damages are likely to be.

3. Right-of-Way Obstructions

It's not uncommon for a tree to fall in such a way that it impedes the right of way. This includes trees that fall across public roads or sidewalks, as well as those that block driveways or the entrance into your home. 

A tree service that can come out at any hour is ideal because they can quickly section the tree and haul it off so that the right-of-way is clear. This is especially important when roads are blocked, as emergency vehicles need a clear right-of-way in order to do their job. 

Contact a 24-hour emergency tree service if any of these situations is putting your home or family at risk. 


11 May 2023

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