4 Steps To Take Immediately If A Tree Falls On Your Power Lines


High winds, big storms, or ice buildup can all cause a tree or large branch to fall into the power lines that feed into your home. Knowing what to do can minimize damages and prevent injury.

1. Shut Off the Breaker

Shutting off the electricity to your house at the main breaker or fuse box can prevent a power surge from damaging appliances and electronics when the power comes back on. It's also a good idea to shut off the power at the breaker even if the tree hasn't taken out the line completely and there is still electricity in your home. If the tree does take out the line completely before emergency services arrive, it can blow fuses and damage appliances unless the power has already been safely shut off at the breaker box.

2. Keep Your Distance

Do not go outside to survey the damage or for any other reason. Live wires can be deadly, and you don't have to touch them to suffer injury as electrical current can travel through water puddles, metal siding, and other materials. It's best to stay away even if the wires seem intact. Ideally, you can shelter in your home in a room well away from the power line that is affected. If you must leave the house for safety reasons, use extreme caution and exit as far from the power line as possible.

3. Contact the Utility Company

Your utility company must be contacted as soon as possible so they can shut down the power flowing through the affected line. Only after they have done so will it be safe to leave your home. Prompt notification can also alerts them that a line repair is necessary, and the sooner they are on site to make repairs, the sooner you will have power restored.

4. Call a Tree Service

Although the power company may remove the part of the tree entangled in the line, they rarely remove the entire tree or haul it away. For this, you will need the services of a tree service. A 24/7 emergency tree service is ideal because they will come out no matter the time or day, so you can have the tree properly cut down and hauled away immediately. A tree service will also work to save the tree if only part of it broke off and caused the line damage.

Contact a 24-hour emergency tree removal service for more information on what to do if a tree is in entangled in your power lines. 


19 June 2023

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