Ganoderma Root Rot: A Serious Tree Disease


When you have a pet, you take it upon yourself to be aware of various ailments so you know when to take your dog to the vet. When you have a tree, it's helpful to do the same thing. You should be aware of common tree diseases so you can notice them early and seek help from a tree care company if needed. One tree disease you need to be aware of is ganoderma root rot. Here are the basics you should know about this disease.

What is ganoderma root rot?

Ganoderma root rot is a disease caused by a specific type of fungus called ganoderma. This infectious fungus likes to take up residence in the vascular tissue of a tree's roots, and once there, starts replicating. As the fungi become more prevalent, they start affecting the tree's ability to transport water via its roots.

Ganoderma root rot can affect many different kinds of trees. However, it tends to be most common in maple, oak, ash, and elm trees. It's less common for evergreen trees to be affected.

What are the signs of ganoderma root rot?

The early signs of ganoderma root rot are non-specific. The tree's leaves may begin looking yellow and wilted. Some of the branches might start to look stilted and undersized, too. However, as the disease progresses, the signs become more specific. The tree will start to grow fungal brackets from any exposed roots, and also from the lowest portions of the trunk. (This part of the trunk is sometimes known as the butt of the tree.)

How is ganoderma root rot treated?

Unfortunately, there is no real cure for ganoderma root rot. The fungi are so deep inside the tree that they cause damage that can't be reversed. 

You should, however, call a tree care company if you suspect your tree has this disease. The tree care company can do some testing to confirm ganoderma is the fungus to blame. If it is, the tree care company will recommend removing the tree. This may seem like an intense way to respond. However, trees affected by ganoderma root rot are at risk of falling over and causing damage to your home or yard. It's best to remove the tree before this happens.

Ganoderma root rot is one of the most serious diseases a tree can develop. Keep an eye out for its symptoms, and contact a tree service if anything is amiss.


1 June 2022

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