7 Warning Signs That Your Tree Might Be About To Fall


Large trees are beautiful and offer many benefits to a property. But sometimes, even a seemingly healthy tree can fall without warning, causing property damage and putting people at risk of injury. If you have a large tree on your property, you might be wondering just how stable it is in terms of its ability to stay upright.

Fortunately, there are some warning signs that you can look out for if you are worried that your tree might fall in the near future.

1. Large cavities in the trunk

In nature, cavities provide animals with a place to nest. But on your property, a tree with a hollow or cavity, especially a large one, could topple over in strong winds. Sometimes, cavities can grow so large that they weaken a tree's structure significantly.

2. The shedding of large branches

Trees that are stressed or are not getting enough nutrients often prune themselves. If your tree is losing large branches, then this could be a sign that it is sick or diseased. Sick trees are sometimes weak structurally, and this means they could fall in the next storm.

3. Multiple trunks

If your tree has multiple trunks that grow close to each other in a V-shape, this could be bad news. V-shaped branch or trunk unions are structurally weak and are a cause for concern if a tree is near your home.  

4. Insect infestation

Insects such as carpenter ants and termites can prevent sick trees from healing themselves. As the insects chew through the tree, they weaken it and increase the risk of it falling.

5. Exposed roots

If your tree's roots appear to be exposed, with loose dirt covering them, then your tree's root system is likely compromised. You need a tree service to evaluate your tree immediately.

6. Fungi

Fungi or mushrooms growing on a tree's roots or on the bark are a sign that a tree is sick. Sick trees will gradually weaken until they can no longer withstand strong winds. They may eventually fall over.

7. A lean

A natural lean is fine, since trees can compensate for a lean by growing a strong root system over their lifetime. But if your tree has recently begun to lean, this means that its root system may be weakening. A tree with a weak root system won't be able to withstand strong winds.

Don't let your large tree take your by surprise one stormy night. Look for these warning signs and call a tree service to assist you if you believe that your tree might soon fall.


9 March 2022

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