When Should You Call A 24-Hour Tree Trimming Service To Have A Damaged Tree Inspected?


High winds, flooding, and lightning strikes from severe storms can cause a substantial amount of damage to trees, and damaged trees present a significant risk to your property because they're more likely to tip over completely. Other sources aside from storms can damage trees as well, such as pests and fungus that slowly eat a tree's trunk and hollow it out.

Whenever a tree on your property appears damaged, it's important to act quickly — promptly stabilizing the tree reduces the risk that it will fall over completely and cause serious destruction to your property. A 24-hour tree trimming service will come to your home to quickly inspect the integrity of your damaged trees and come up with a plan for making them stable again. Below, you'll learn about when tree damage is serious enough to warrant an emergency call.

Unstable Limbs Overhanging Power Lines or Your Home

When severe storms roll through an area, large tree limbs sometimes crack near where they meet the trunk. This happens when winds are high enough to place enough pressure on the limb to crack them, but weren't strong enough to tear the limb off of the tree completely.

While a partially cracked tree limb still has enough connection to the trunk to remain attached to the tree, it's now significantly weaker. Another storm coming through the area could easily snap the weakened limb off of the tree. If a cracked tree limb is overhanging power lines or your property, it's an emergency situation — you'll need to call a 24-hour tree trimming service to have the weakened branch removed.

Exposed Roots

Tree roots can become exposed after flooding or high winds. Severe flooding around the tree can carry away most of the soil covering the roots, exposing them. High winds can cause a tree to lean, pushing some of the roots above the ground.

In either case, you'll need to have the tree evaluated by a 24-hour tree trimming service in order to make sure it's not a danger to your property. A tree with exposed roots isn't very stable, and it's more likely to tip over during a storm — there's no soil surrounding the roots that can anchor the tree securely to the ground. Trimming and bracing the tree along with adding more soil on top of the roots can help restore its stability and prevent it from becoming a danger to your property.

Rot or Pests in the Trunk

If you notice fungus growing on a tree trunk or notice pests (like termites) nesting in the tree, you'll need to have it evaluated. Tree trunks sometimes rot on the inside without showing any signs on the outside of the trunk, and the presence of pests or fungus can be an indication that the inside is rotting. A rotten tree trunk doesn't provide as much structural support, which makes the trunk more likely to snap during a severe storm — have the tree inspected by a 24-hour tree trimming service in order to make sure that the trunk is still in good condition and isn't invisibly rotting away on the inside.

When you have a tree on your property that's no longer structurally stable or has cracked limbs, the tree has a much greater chance of causing damage to your property. A 24-hour tree trimming service will come to your property to evaluate damaged trees and make them structurally stable again through balancing the limbs and bracing the trunk. If you have a damaged tree on your property, don't risk it falling over completely and causing further damage to your home, your car, or the trees surrounding it — call a 24-hour tree trimming service to have it inspected.

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1 February 2022

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