Mistakes To Avoid During Tree Trimming


Tree trimming plays a significant role in the health, growth, and appearance of your trees. Every homeowner needs to trim their trees to keep their yard or garden looking tidy. Apart from aesthetic reasons, trimming your trees can prevent damage to your roof or power lines. 

The trick is ensuring you get it right, especially if you decide to take the DIY approach. Most people prefer to do the trimming themselves, but they tend to make several mistakes. As such, here are the most common mistakes you ought to avoid when trimming your trees.

Using Dull Tools

To have an easy time trimming your trees, you should ensure your tools are sharp. You don't have to create extra work for yourself by using dull tools. You'll spend too much time cutting the branches, and the cut won't be crisp. 

Keep in mind that rough cuts take time to heal. So save yourself the trouble and use sharp tools instead. Besides, using dull tools to trim your trees can put you in danger. 

Ignoring Safety Measures

Sometimes it's not all about the appearance or health of your trees. You also have to mind your safety. As you probably already know, tree trimming is a pretty dangerous job that only experts should execute. 

Besides, there is a chance that you don't have the right equipment for the job. As such, you'll be putting your life at risk trimming tall trees. Unless you're trimming very short trees, leave the job to experts.

Cutting the Branch Collar

Most people don't understand the right way to cut branches from a tree. In most cases, they end up cutting the branch collar, a mistake that can seriously harm the tree. While you might want to cut a couple of branches from a tree, avoid cutting at the base of each stem as it's the section where the branch collar lies. Cutting the branch collar exposes the tree to decay. Besides, it reduces the chances of new growth sprouting from that section.

Over Trimming

Some people get carried away during the process of trimming their trees. As such, they end up trimming more than they should. Ove-pruning may seem like a good idea at first, but it can really damage the tree. So if you plan on trimming your trees, just get rid of the dying or diseased branches. Don't cut too many healthy branches as it will interfere with the general health of your trees.

While you can still avoid these mistakes, it's better to hire a professional tree trimming company to do the job. This way, you won't have to fret about making costly mistakes.


5 October 2021

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