Signs You Need To Trim Your Tree


Planting trees in your yard is beneficial as the trees can provide shade, fruits, and beauty. However, you need to maintain your trees properly for them to grow healthy. One of the essential maintenance practices is tree trimming. Here are signs that you require tree trimming services.

Crowded or Crooked Branching

Tree trimming is essential for making your tree acquire the desired growth pattern or shape. Hence, if you notice crisscrossing or crowding of branches or your tree developing a weird form, then trim your trees. Pruning trains your tree's branches to achieve the correct spacing. Also, trimming helps shade trees to grow a long trunk before branches grow, creating enough trunk space for new branches to develop.

Disease and Pest Attack

If insects or diseases attack your trees, the branches and leaves may get infected. The insects may crawl from one branch to another and infect the entire tree. Also, diseases can spread through contact, causing non-infected parts to get infected as well. Note that controlling severe pest infestations or tree diseases can be costly, and sometimes your tree may die. In such cases, tree removal may be necessary. Hence, tree trimming helps prevent the spread of pests and diseases by eliminating infected branches, which saves your tree.

Poor Fruit Production

If the fruiting season is here and your tree has no sign of fruiting, that means your tree is experiencing excessive vegetative growth. Also, your tree may produce small fruits as the tree distributes the nutrients to all branches. Therefore, you need to prune your tree to eliminate excess branches and trigger the fruiting and development of large fruits. Additionally, removing old branches paves the way for young, vibrant branches to grow that can bear more fruit.

Property Damage

When tree branches overgrow, they can cause property damage. For instance, branches that spread over a large area can reach your home and damage your windows. Repairing such damage is expensive, and sometimes the damage may be severe, calling for window replacement. Through tree trimming, you can protect your property and avoid unnecessary repair and replacement expenses.


When your tree overgrows, the branches may extend past your property borders, violating the law. Also, your tree may grow too tall and interfere with power lines, potentially causing power blackouts and safety risks. Therefore, carry out tree trimming when you notice branch overgrowth to avoid these problems.

Overgrowth, property damage, pests and disease attack, poor fruit production, and crooked or crowded branches are indicators that you need to trim your trees. Consider hiring tree trimming services when you see these signs.


26 August 2021

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