When to Remove Your Trees


Trees are a crucial part of your landscape. This is why many homeowners make a significant effort to prune and care for trees. However, there comes a time when trees have outlived their usefulness and should be removed. As a homeowner, you should watch out for certain tell-tale signs that you need a tree removal service.

Dead Branches and Leaves

If your trees have dying leaves and branches, this is a sign they are diseased. Infestations, fungus, and lightning strikes are the main culprits. Branches without leaves are one of the common signs of a diseased tree.

Additionally, if your branches have dead leaves or little leaf growth, you should be alarmed. However, some of these signs may indicate that just a part of your tree should be cut down. A tree removal service will help you determine when to cut down the tree.

Structural Preservation

While trees provide cool air and shade, when they grow close to the house, they become a problem. Small trees planted near the foundation of your home can cause costly damage to the home's foundation. The roots of trees that are too close to your home cause the ground to expand and the floors and walls of your house begin to break and crack.

Moreover, animals like squirrels access the roof through trees that are too close to your house. These animals will damage your pipeline and leave you with plumbing issues. Lastly, when leaves fall on the ground or roof, they start to decay leading to mold, mildew, and other hazardous developments.

Leaning Trees

Another obvious sign you need to remove a tree is if it is leaning. It is recommended you inspect your trees from all angles. If your tree is leaning on one side, you should call a tree removal service.

If the roots of a tree are weak, it will tend to lean on one side. However, sometimes healthy trees will lean. Therefore, before you jump to any conclusions, have a tree removal professional inspect the tree.


Sometimes removing trees is necessary not because they are old and diseased but for the purpose of change. In some cases, homeowners remove trees because they are difficult to maintain. In other cases, trees are removed to improve the appeal of your home.

For example, some trees are seasonal and when their time is over, they cease to be useful. A cherry tree provides pretty flowers during spring. Nevertheless, when it starts looking wild and lopsided, you may have to remove it to improve the aesthetics of your home.

If you aren't sure if you need to remove a tree, talk to a landscaping service.


18 May 2021

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