5 Tree Removal Tips For Diseased Tree


One concern with the removal of diseased trees is that the disease organisms may spread to other nearby trees. The following can help you prevent this problem from affecting your other landscape trees.

1. Contain the Clippings

A tree removal service can prevent contact of falling branches and the trunk with neighboring trees by first carefully removing all the tree limbs. They may even lay a large tarp over the ground so any clippings can be easily gathered up after limbing. The limbing process allows the technicians to lower each branch via a pulley, which ensures it doesn't fall into the canopy of nearby trees.

2. Don't Save the Mulch

Sometimes homeowners opt to have the removed tree mulched so that they can then use the wood chips to mulch gardens beds and pathways. If your tree is diseased, then skip this option. Spreading the wood chips from a diseased tree could spread the disease organisms throughout your yard, where they could then make their way into other susceptible trees and plants.

3. Properly Dispose of the Wood

Another common use of a recently removed tree is to use it for firewood. Some removal services even provide log splitting services so that the wood is prepared and ready to be used in your fireplace or wood stove. For highly infectious diseases, it may be better to have the wood hauled off for disposal. If you do decide to keep it, place it to cure in a wood pile that is located well away from other trees. You may also want to place a tarp beneath the wood to prevent disease organisms from getting into the soil, depending upon the disease.

4. Grind Out the Stump

Disease organisms can remain active in a tree stump for quite some time. For small trees, it may be worth it to have the stump completely dug out and disposed of. The tree removal service may also advise burning out a large stump if the disease is highly infectious. Otherwise, simply have the stump ground down so there is no above-ground wood to spread disease.

5. Replant Wisely

You likely don't want a bare area left in the yard after the tree is removed, but you must replant wisely. Some tree diseases, like verticillium wilt, can remain active in the soil so they invade any new trees you plant. Lawn grasses aren't usually prone to the same diseases as trees, so it's a better idea to plant turf over the bare area rather than a new tree or shrub.

Contact a tree removal service if you have diseased trees that require removal.


11 May 2021

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