3 Benefits of Seeking Tree Trimming Services This Summer


If you have planted trees in the yard, you know how beneficial they are. Trees are excellent windbreakers, make an area appealing, offer shade, and improve air quality, among other benefits. You cannot enjoy these benefits if you do not take care of your trees properly, which includes tasks like tree trimming.

The best time to seek tree trimming services is in winter because the trees are dormant. However, this rule is flexible and determined by factors like growth patterns, tree species, and the condition of the tree. Summer is also a good time to invest in tree trimming, especially if you are dealing with damaged or fruit trees, and here are reasons why.

1. You'll Get Rid of Excess Foliage and Dead Limbs

A lot of changes occur in a tree's life within the snowy winter and rainy spring. The leaves lost during the fall grow back, but some limbs may not make it, particularly if the tree was damaged or diseased during winter. Trimming your trees in summer will give you a chance to get rid of the bad tree parts and the excess leaves. The target here is to cut off the limbs that appear to be stressed or could cause damage to the tree. Pruning in summer is also makes your home safer because the trees cannot fall on buildings when a storm comes later on.

2. You'll Ensure the Trees Grow Healthy

Trees, especially the young ones, need to get adequate sunlight to grow healthier and stronger. Since a lot of foliage grows in spring, it's crucial to reduce them so more light can penetrate all areas. When the tree gets adequate light, it will be more productive. For instance, fruit trees will provide more fruits that are better in quality and size. Removal of excess foliage also promotes air circulation, which boosts the tree's overall health.

3. You'll Prevent Infections

Most of the trees people plant today are susceptible to disease, and things usually escalate when there is no free flow of air due to excess foliage. Pruning all the excess and diseased limbs will ensure the entire tree doesn't get infected. The professional will check for issues like rot and fungus and get rid of all the infected areas. The nearby trees will also remain healthy and strong. Tree trimming also wards off pests since the dead limbs that house mites and aphids are removed.

If you weren't sure about trimming your trees in summer, you now know that the service is beneficial. The trees will be healthier, stronger, and more productive provided a seasoned tree service professional does the work.


14 April 2021

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