What Care Do Garden Bed Trees Require?


Most homeowners who have trees towards the back of their land or way off in their yard don't do much for their trees. And the trees don't really need much. Mature trees really only need to be trimmed occasionally to remove dead branches and diseased growth. But what about smaller, ornamental trees that you may have in your garden beds? Because they're closer to your home, and because they are intended to be an aesthetic option, these trees need more care than the big shade trees further out in your yard. Here are the services you'll want provided on garden bed trees to keep them in top shape.


When people talk about having trees sprayed, they are actually talking about two different types of spray. The first is a fungicide spray, which treats and prevents fungal diseases. The second is an insecticide spray, which keeps insects away from the trees. Most garden bed trees should be treated with both types of spray. You don't want these trees to develop fungal diseases, as that might leave them looking spotted and ugly. You don't want them to attract insects, since those insects would be really close to your home.

Often, having the tree sprayed with fungicides and insecticides once in the spring is sufficient, but if you have a wet summer, you may want to have the tree sprayed a second time since moisture makes fungi and insects more active.


Ornamental garden bed trees should be trimmed once a year, even once they are mature. This is to maintain their shape. You don't want the tree growing large enough that it rubs against your house or interferes with other landscaping. However, it's only healthy to remove a certain portion of the tree's growth at one time. By having the tree trimmed annually, you ensure that your tree care professional only has to remove a little growth each time, which is easier on the tree.


Trees have deep roots, so they can reach far below the ground to gather water and nutrients. But eventually, the soil they are living in becomes depleted of the nutrients they need. Once a year, you should have your tree care company test the soil around your garden bed trees and then fertilize it, as needed, to bring soil nutrient levels back up.

Garden bed trees are expected to look nicer than other trees, and to keep them looking this way, you need to care for them properly. As long as you have a residential tree care service perform the services above, you should be in good shape.


9 April 2021

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