Why You Shouldn't Do a Tree Removal On Your Own


If you have an offending tree in your yard that needs to come down, it makes sense to do tree removal on your own, right? If you're wanting to take on a large project like tree removal so you can save money or just see if you can do it, it's not recommended. A tree removal service can cut down and dispose of trees you no longer want or need, and here are reasons why you should never do tree removal on your own.

You might harm yourself or your property

Tree removal is no easy task; climbing into a tree and then felling the tree can cause you or someone else to be harmed in the process. Or, you can have the tree land on your home's roof or a vehicle, causing expensive damage to your property. Rather than take the risk to save some money, have a tree removal specialist come to your home and professionally take out any trees. A tree removal service company is likely to be bonded and insured, so in the off chance that a tree does fall on your home or injure someone on your property in the process, you're covered.

You might spend more than you think you'd save

Trying to save money is a big motivator in doing tree removal yourself, but it might not be the money-saving adventure you think it is. First of all, you have the time the project takes away from other tasks that you could be doing, and this opportunity cost is something you won't get back. You also have to rent equipment, such as a boom truck to reach high branches, a stump grinder to remove the stump when the tree is taken down, saws to cut the tree into logs, and a wood chipper to get rid of what you don't want.

In the end, what you pay to do tree removal on your own might cost as much or more than just hiring a contractor to remove the tree for you in the first place. How much your tree removal will cost depends on the type of tree you need cut down, how large it is, and whether you want the wood to be removed or if you plan on keeping the wood for firewood. Your tree removal service company will give you a quote for their service before they begin work on your property.


6 April 2021

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