Regenerative Landscaping Services For Your Tree


Regenerative landscaping practices help to build up the soil, restore natural processes such as carbon sequestration, and nurture the beneficial life forms in your small patch of the Earth, such as pollinators. But regenerative landscaping isn't just for your lawn; it can and should be applied to flower beds and trees as well.

Here are some of the tree services that go together well with regenerative landscaping practices.

1. Mulching

Mulching with an organic material like bark, pine straw, or composted wood chips can be a useful and regenerative landscaping practice. The mulch breaks down over time into humus, which enriches the soil. And in the short term, the mulch helps to keep the ground around the tree moist and helps avoid aggressive grass roots competing with the tree for water.

Your tree service expert can install mulch correctly to avoid problems such as trunk rot or stifling the tree's roots, which can result from incorrect mulch application.

2. Interplanting

Interplanting a tree with other, smaller plants such as little shrubs and groundcovers can be beneficial as well. This practice fits in well with restorative landscaping because it can help to provide more habitat for native wildlife, help reduce erosion, and so on. Ideally, these smaller plants should be native varieties that grow well in shaded areas.

3. Soil building

Many tree service contractors provide fertilization services for trees. Instead of fertilizing your tree with chemical fertilizers, you can opt for the more restorative and earth-friendly practice of soil building to fertilize the tree. Your tree service expert can help you build up the soil around your tree with judicious applications of organic materials such as compost, manure, and other soil amendments.

4. Structural pruning

Trees are considered great for the environment overall, so keeping your tree healthy is an important component of regenerative landscaping. After all, the longer your tree lives, the more carbon sequestration it can accomplish. Choosing a tree service contractor who can prune a tree in healthy ways to keep it structurally sound is vital here.

You don't just want all your tree's branches and twigs trimmed back the exact same amount like a hedge; this can be attractive in a formal landscape setting but doesn't allow the tree to develop its natural size and structure. Instead, have your contractor use good structural pruning techniques such as correcting double leaders and removing dead wood and suckers.

These are just some of the services you can get for your tree that go along well with the principles of regenerative landscaping. Get in touch with your local tree service expert to learn more about the tree services and regenerative landscaping practices they offer for your yard and trees.

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23 March 2021

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