Benefits Of Wintertime Tree Removal


When you think about winter tasks around your property, dealing with your snow is likely at the top of your list. It's important, however, to realize that some things beyond snow may require attention. You should always be aware of the condition of any trees on your property — and be ready to contact a local tree service to remove the trees should there be a need. While a lot of people may view tree removal as a summertime activity, the reality is that tree services work year-round to help homeowners with their tree issues. There are several benefits of having a tree removed during the winter months, including these points.

Less Disruption To Your Yard

Tree services take considerable care to protect your yard when they're working around your trees, but the wintertime can be better for causing less disruption. For example, if you have a tree that has a large flowerbed around it, there's a chance that some of the flowers could get damaged from falling branches during the process of removing the tree. In the winter, this obviously isn't a concern because you haven't yet planted your flowers. Additionally, as a tree service professional cuts heavy branches and they fall to the ground, they can dent your lawn — especially when it's soft in the spring. In the winter, a layer of snow will absorb the impact of the branches and prevent lawn damage.

Potential For Saving Money

There's a chance that getting a tree cut down during the winter may be more affordable than having the same work done in the summer. Most tree services are busier during the summer because of handling a variety of tree maintenance tasks for clients. As such, you may find that your local tree service's rates for tree removal are a little less during the winter when the company isn't as busy.

Availability Of Firewood

Some tree removal services give you the option of keeping the wood after they cut down the tree, which is something that can be appealing in the wintertime for those who have wood-burning fireplaces in their homes. If you need a dead tree cut down, you may be able to use the wood promptly in the winter. Remember, you shouldn't burn green wood from a tree that was recently living, but wood from a dead tree can often be suitable to burn. The easy availability of several pieces of firewood from a tree on your property can reduce the amount of firewood that you need to buy in the winter.

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12 March 2021

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