3 Reasons To Remove A Tree Near A Fence


Keeping your family safe, happy, and healthy is something that you may like to prioritize as a homeowner. Owning a property is so advantageous because it allows you to make changes compared to a rental that would require you to move out and find another place to live.

Paying attention to the landscape is important because you can learn a lot about potential complications through your analysis. For instance, you should make plans to remove a tree that is close to a fence in your backyard when you know about some of the issues and risks.


While tall trees in a neighborhood can lead to debris getting into multiple yards, you may want to minimize how much of an impact your trees have on your neighbors. For instance, a tree that is close to a fence might lead to a ton of debris falling over into a neighboring backyard. If you know that this demands a lot of time and effort to clean up, you may want to remove the tree.

Even if you speak with your neighbors and find that they do not mind the debris, you may feel better knowing that you are not adding more landscape work for them to handle.


If you have several medium-to-large dogs with a lot of energy, you may know that they are capable of climbing and jumping quite well. When you have a tree next to your backyard fence, you may worry about your dogs using the trunk and branches to climb up and escape the property.

Hoping that your dogs do not find out about this potential opportunity may not be enough for you to feel comfortable with them being outside regularly. When you already know that they cannot get over the fence, you only need to remove the tree to keep them from leaving.


A tree being close to a fence can work out well if the tree is already mature and does not have invasive roots, but you may know of a tree on your landscape that might cause issues. If a tree is still growing or the roots are shallow enough to collide with the fence in due time, you should get help to remove it before your fence ends up sustaining damage from the tree's growth.

When you use a tree removal service for these reasons, you can look forward to having a better experience living in your home.


24 February 2021

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