Yard And Landscape Features To Trim Trees Back From


Your trees are an important part of your landscaping, but if they spread too far or overshadow the wrong things, they can become a nuisance or a hazard. Here are a few of the features in your yard that may need you to keep tree branches trimmed back away from them.

HVAC unit

Your HVAC system's outdoor unit likely gets quite hot in the summer, and some shade from a tree can be welcome. But that doesn't mean that the tree can or should be hanging low over the unit. If a tree grows near your HVAC unit, you'll need to have it trimmed back. A tree near an AC unit should have no branches lower than 6-10 feet from the ground.

Kids' playhouse

If your kids' playhouse is near a tree, you'll want to keep the tree trimmed back for several reasons. For instance, small children may pull the leaves off the nearest branches, leaving them bare and unattractive looking. Or, the kids may decide to climb out of their playhouse onto a nearby tree branch, which is a safety hazard.

Driveway or sidewalk

Your driveway or sidewalk may be comparatively easy to clean off, so having a tree drop a few leaves there may not be a big deal. However, some types of tree debris (such as the debris dropped by black walnut trees) could leave a stain. And trees that grow too closely to the driveway could drop branches or even scratch up your car's paint.

So any trees that grow near the driveway will need to be trimmed back on a regular basis. For trees that could cause stains, you'll want to keep them trimmed back pretty far. Other trees may just need to be far enough away that they don't brush your car as you drive by.


If you prefer a shaded area to relax outdoors, you may not need to keep all the trees from overhanging your patio. However, you may want to prune them back from the patio if:

  • You want to sunbathe on the patio
  • You want to grow sun-loving flowers on the patio
  • You want to stargaze from your patio
  • You want to build a gazebo, arbor, pergola, or similar structure on your patio

Any of these uses could conflict with an overshadowing tree.

Vegetable garden 

While some landscaped beds can thrive with partial or even complete shade, a vegetable bed is likely to need more sunlight. And since the plants get a lot of their energy from the sun, more sun is almost always better for vegetable production. So if you're planning a vegetable garden, first ensure trees are trimmed back and don't shade the garden too much.

As you can see, your yard and landscaping may have a variety of features that need a little more elbow room than your trees want to give them. Contact a local tree trimming service in your area for more information about tree trimming and pruning or to request a quote.


27 January 2021

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