How Tree Trimming Services Can Help You Be a Good Neighbor


You may know that keeping your trees correctly pruned is important for tree health, but did you know that it can be important for your relationships with neighbors too? Here are a few ways that tree trimming services can help you be a good neighbor.

1. Avoid cluttering your neighbor's yard or gutters 

Neighbors may get cranky if your tree drops too much debris on their side of the property line. This can have an especially big effect if the debris lands on their roof and clogs their gutters, if it makes a smelly or spiky mess in their yard (like by dropping ginkgo fruit or sweet gum gumballs), or if it requires them to rake their yard more frequently. Keeping your trees trimmed back so that they drop little to no debris on the other side of the fence can help to avoid such problems with your neighborly relationships.

2. Keep trees from overhanging or crowding public sidewalks

Public sidewalks can be more difficult to use if tree branches lean down to sweep off your hat and glasses. Keeping trees trimmed back to avoid these sorts of mishaps to passersby can help keep the public sidewalk usable for neighbors who use it on their daily jog or to walk their dogs.

3. Minimize risk of tree or branches falling on other people's property 

In addition to dropping leaves and similar small debris in neighbor's yards, large trees that aren't contained within your yard's boundary lines can also drop branches or an entire tree trunk on someone else's belongings.

Dropping a tree branch on a car parked in front of your yard or a fire hydrant by the road can be a bad habit of messy trees like cottonwoods. Even with these trees, though, you can curtail this habit by keeping the tree trimmed back. If you need the size of your tree reduced in every direction, your tree service contractor can perform a type of pruning called crown reduction.

4. Do your part to keep the neighborhood looking good

Whether you live in a typical subdivision or a super-high-class luxury home, neatly trimmed trees are an essential part of keeping your yard looking tidy and well-manicured. Tidy, well-kept landscaping is an important part of curb appeal and can even affect property values. In some cases, you can even have your trees clipped into specific shapes (a process known as topiary) to make them look even more formal and manicured.

These are just a few ways that tree trimming services can help you be a good neighbor, keep your tree from being a nuisance or damaging property, and more. For more information about having your trees pruned professionally, contact your local residential tree care services contractor today.


13 January 2021

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