Remove The Tree Stump From Your Yard To Sell Your Home


If you plan to sell your home soon and you have a large tree stump in the yard, it's time to schedule a stump removal. If you've taken the steps to remove a dead or fallen tree, you're off to a great start. However, if you want to boost your ability to sell your property faster, learn why stump removal is so important.  

Curb Appeal

Looks are very important when it comes to selling a home. If the exterior of the property looks less than desirable, potential buyers are far less likely to take a closer look at your home. A large tree stump in your front yard can create this type of scenario. Tree stumps simply make a yard look cluttered, even if you have an otherwise nice landscaping design. 

A stump removal service will remove the entire stump from the ground to reveal a fresh and clean surface that you can do anything with from planting a garden to planting grass. As a result, you enhance the look of your home's exterior and boost your home's curb appeal.

More Space Available

Usable space is another factor that homebuyers pay attention to. From landscaping ideas to pool installation to building a shed, there are a variety of updates people often like to make to a property they purchase. It might not seem like the case, but a large tree stump in the middle of the yard can hinder these types of plans because the stump takes up space. 

While some buyers might be able to look beyond a stump to see the true potential of the property, it's not the case with everyone. When you remove the tree stump before you put your home on the market, you ensure that every buyer can see the full potential of the property. 

Minimize Insect Risk

It's sometimes overlooked, but a tree stump in the yard increases the risk for an insect infestation. An insect infestation can be an especially big concern if the tree stump is located near your home. The primary problem is that a tree stump creates an ideal nesting place for insects. 

As the insects build up within the stump, they can eventually start to make their way inside your home. If a potential buyer detects an insect infestation in your home, you can all but guarantee that they will be turned off from the property. You should remove the stump and the elevated risk of an infestation. 

Contact a stump removal company to learn more about your options and to get your home ready to sell. 


19 March 2020

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