4 Things A Landscaping Service Can Do For Your Lawn In The Spring


Even if you do not use a landscaping service year-round, it is a good idea to hire one to come prep you lawn for the spring. Just a few basic lawn care services, performed at the right time in the spring, can help keep your lawn green and healthy for the rest of the year. Here is a look at those services.

1. Dethatching

In the fall, especially if you did not keep up with mowing your lawn until the snow started falling, dead grass probably accumulated in and among the still-healthy grass blades. Known as thatch, this layer of dead grass can make your whole lawn look a bit dead and brown. It can also prevent the young, healthy blades of springtime grass from harnessing as much sunlight as they should. Dethatching is a procedure by which a landscaping professional uses a thick, rake-like device to remove the dead grass. This will allow for healthier, fuller grass come springtime.

2. Aeration

Soil tends to become compacted over time, and compact soil makes it harder for grass to grow good roots and reach the water it needs. Aeration is a process that basically involves punching small holes in the soil. Your landscaping contractor will aerate the lawn by rolling a big, spiky roller over it. This will help the water penetrate the soil better as the seasons go on.

3. Grub Treatment

Grubs, which are the larvae of Japanese beetles, can be a major nuisance in a lawn. They eat the roots of the grass, leading to big brown patches that are pretty unsightly. Once grubs move in, they're pretty hard to treat, but you can keep them from invading by having certain insecticides applied to the soil preemptively. Your landscaping professional will likely scatter a granular insecticide to keep grubs, along with other insects, away.

4. Fertilization

The best time to fertilize lawn is in the spring when it is just about to have its growth spurt. A landscaping company will use a fertilizer specially formulated for lawns, and they will apply it evenly, which will help promote more even growth of grass. This is a lot less effort than trying to spread fertilizer yourself by hand.

Call a landscaping company in your area such as Greatland Tree Service, and tell them you are looking for spring lawn services. They will likely recommend the four major services above, which will get you off to a great start.


19 March 2020

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