Stump Grinding Vs. Removal


There are a few options available once you have a tree removed. You can leave the stump in place to rot — not a great solution since a rotting stump can attract pests and pose a tripping hazard. The other two options are to remove the stump or grind it. The following can help you determine which is best in your situation.

Tree Size

If the tree was young and small, without an extensive root system, then digging up and removing the stump may be a better option. You may even be able to dig it by hand; although strong pruners or a saw may be necessary to cut through some of the roots.

Trying to dig up larger trees is more of a challenge, though, since the roots can penetrate deeply and spread widely. Heavy equipment will be necessary, as well as fill dirt for the hole that is left behind. For larger trees, grinding the old stump down well below the surface will get rid of the stump, and the sawdust can be used as fill in the area. You will need to add additional soil for a few years as the sawdust decomposes though.

Repair Preferences

Some people plan to replant a new tree as soon as the old one is gone. Generally, you can only plant in the exact same place if you have the stump completely removed. There must also be no worries of soil pathogens that cause tree disease in the site.

If your plan is to install a lawn or garden bed over the site, then stump grinding is both the easier and the superior option. Stumps are ground down at least six inches below the soil surface, which is plenty of root space for lawns and herbaceous plants. Further, as the remains of the stump deep in the ground decompose, they replenishe nutrients in the soil, so you end up with even healthier garden soil.

Speed and Cost

Depending on the size of the stump and extensiveness of the main roots, removal can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor. There may also be a larger area of the yard that will suffer damage in the process, thus resulting in even more time and expense to repair the landscape.

Grinding can be finished in a few hours, and it is generally a cost-effective procedure. The only damage that occurs is at the site of the stump, since the tree service will remove all additional wood chips and clean up the area. A few yards of sod and some topsoil will fix the damage inexpensively and quickly.

Contact a stump grinding service to learn more.


18 March 2020

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